Some of the coolest mens hairstyles and haircuts in town!

The undercut hairstyle is the number one trendy hair style for men and here is how you can do the haircut and styling for your undercut...

The Undercut is a haircut and a hairstyle at the same time that is a trendy style for men. I see a lot here in LA and I have many clients asking to an Undercut or any of its variations. Skrillex for example has a lopsided Undercut hairstyle also known as an asymmetric hairstyle while men such as Gareth Bale and Michael Pitt have classic Undercut hairstyles where the hair is in a bowl haircut.

Haircut for the Undercut

The haircut for the Undercut looks basic but it is not that easy to implement. The hair is buzzed with hair clippers from the temples down and a line has to be drawn going from temple to temple and this is where the difficulty of the Undercut haircut is. I see more terrible Undercut haircuts than good Undercuts and this is because getting the line (or edge) of the Undercut haircut can be a PITA. A good barber though shold get the haircut in the Undercut just right as we are trained in classic haircuts like this one.

Hairstyle for the Undercut

Hair styling the Undercut is the easier part of the whole Undercut look. With the Undercut you have 3 options, slicked back hairstyle, side flat part hairstyle or brush up hairstyle.I am not fond of using a messy hairstyle for the Undercut but the guys in the recommend a messy style for the Undercut hairstyle too, I only agree with this other type of the Undercut if the line between the hair clipped for the Undercut haircut and the top of the hair is blurred and smoothed. If the male customer is younger than 25 then a fringe hairstyle with an Undercut can look cool and cute for kids too. Do not do a fringe hairstyle on the Undercut if the male needs to be taken serious or is older than 25 years of age.

How the Undercut hairstyle should look

The point of the Undercut hairstyle is to accentuate the volume of the hair so if the final result yields hair that is flat and boring, then you didn’t do a good Undercut. In essence you want your Undercut hairstyle to look like this if you did a side part…

undercut hairstyle for men picture